Tracking Email and Delivery History for Customer Invoices

Problem Details:

How to track email and delivery histories for customer invoices and statements



To view successful email deliveries:

  1. Go to Accounts Receivable from the top navigational bar.
  2. Click Customers.
  3. Locate the customer, click 'View'.
  4. On the Customer Tab > Locate 'Last Invoice Date'  or 'Last statement date' field
  5. Click 'Email History' to display the Email Delivery Log.  This log lists all emails sent to this customer from Order Entry. You can view details about each email, verify whether or not an email was sent successfully, or resend an email from this log.
  6. Click 'Delivery History' to disply the Delivery History Log. This log shows a history of all invoices printed locally or delivered online to this customer.

**Note: History will only show here if the invoice was sent through the "Print/Email" screen (Accounts Receivable/Order Entry > Print/Email Documents)  If the the transaction is printed through the transaction list screen the delivery history is not updated.

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