Enabling Custom Units of Measure

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How to enable Custom Units of Measure.



The option to use Custom Units of measure allows the user to create their own units of measure, as needed.

To enable the option to create custom Units of Measure:

1. There are 3 places to turn on custom units of measure.  Go to Inventory Control, Order Entry, or Purchasing from the top navigation bar.  Enabling on one module, enables for all.
2. Click Open Setup.
3. Click Configure Inventory Control (or Order Entry or Purchasing)
4. On the General Configuration tab, locate the 'Unit of Measure' section
5. Select 'Enable Custom Units of Measure'.
6. Click Save.

Then, to provide users with the permissions to create Units of Measure:

1. Go to Company from the top navigation bar.
2. Click Roles/Users.
3. Click "Subscriptions" next to the role/user.
4. Click "Permissions" for Inventory Control, Order Entry, and Purchasing.
5. Select the permissions for Unit of Measure.
6. Click Save.

Note: If the permissions for Unit of Measure are already selected, continue to click Save to refresh the selection in the system. Users will need to log out and back in for changes to take effect.

** Making any changes on the Configure Inventory screen can have an impact on how the system will account for existing and future transactions. We recommend impactful changes be made in a sandbox/copy environment before implementing into a live productions.


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