Convert By Line - Selecting a Different Transaction Type to Convert To


When converting a transaction, there are two options:

  • You can convert the entire transaction to another type of document, such as a sales quote to a sales order.
  • Or with the proper transaction definition settings, you can convert the transaction by line. Converting by line allows you to set certain items to recur, such as licenses and maintenance contracts, while leaving other items in their original single-order state.

You can only convert transactions by line if your administrator selects the option to "Enable Schedule by Line Item Conversion" in the transaction definition for this transaction type.

Go to Order Entry / View Order Entry Transactions.  Locate the transaction to be converted.  Click on 'Convert by Line' to open the transaction.  Next, select 'More Actions' in the top right corner and click on 'Convert To'.  From here, select any Transaction Definition that can recall this transaction.

To check the recall settings for this transaction type, go to:
Order Entry > Setup > Order Entry Transaction Definitions
Click on 'view' next to the transaction type you want to convert to
Go to the 'recall' tab and see what transactions can be set to convert to this type.

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