Deleting a Payment Request or Unselecting a Bill for Payment

Problem Description:

A Bill has been selected for payment, but the user no longer wants to pay the bill. 



In some cases, payment isn't recorded immediately. For example, the payment might be waiting for approval or the check might not have been printed and confirmed. In this situation, you can start over by deleting the payment request. Bills which appear as selected and not paid can be removed through View Payment Request screen. 

  1. Select Accounts Payable from the top navigational bar
  2. Select View Payment Requests
  3. Locate the check payment in the list, and click the Delete link

The bill will then be back to Approved status and available to reverse or select to pay once again. 

If the payment has already been recorded (if the check has been printed and confirmed), the check will need to be voided and this can be done by clicking on Accounts Payables / Reports / Registers / Check Register.  Locate the check and click on the Void link. 

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