Setting Complex Selection Criteria

Problem Details:

Need more than one filter when looking up items in the finder



Sage allows for the building of complex criteria for selections.  Two or more criteria can be specified, and they can be used together with the AND function or they can be used as an OR scenario.  A combination of both is also possible. 

For example, if a user is looking for items whose item number starts with the letter A, but also needs the item number to end in G, the following criteria can be setup: This is an AND statement where the Item number starts with A and contains the letter G.

If a user is looking for items whose item nubmer starts with the letter A or starts with the letter G, this is an OR statement:

If a user is looking for items whose item number starts with A or starts with B and has the letter G in it, this is a combination AND OR statement:

The selection can be verified by checking it as a SQL statement, by clicking on the Show Filter button and the SQL statement is displayed:

It is also possible to use multiple fields in the finder with the AND / OR functions, giving the user endless possibilities for filtering and narrowing down the search for items.  This selection criteria functionality is available in all modules, and is also available when exporting data.  It is very effective to help the user get only the desired records out during an export.  


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