Orchid Process Scheduler - Check integrity(XX) - Failed - App XX not found.(1 error)

Problem Details:

Data integrity reports have stopped running and Process Scheduler is showing the following message:

Check integrity(TX) - Failed - App TX not found.(1 error)

This message may be showing in an email notification, or it may be showing under Process Scheduler -> Schedules.  In the detail grid there is a column 'Last Status' where the error message will be displayed.



This error means that Process Scheduler is unable to gain access to the company to do the data integrity check. Check the following:

1.  Go to Process Scheduler -> Companies and bring up the company that has the error. Ensure that the username and password is correct. Make note of this username. Now log into the company that is having the issue. Go to Administrative Services -> User Authorizations. Bring up the Process Scheduler username. Make note of the Security Groups being used by that user. Go to Administrative Services -> Security Groups. Check each Security Group the user is assigned to and ensure that the user has the required access to run the data integrity check for each individual module.

2.  Log into the machine where the Schedules are setup in Windows Task Scheduler. Make sure to log on as the Windows User that is setup to run the Windows Task Scheduler.

  • To check what Windows User runs the Windows Task Scheduler go to the Start Menu, type Task Scheduler and press Enter.  Click on Task Scheduler Library in the left hand pane, then click the task in the right hand pane and look to the bottom and find the section named Security Options.  Make note of the field named "When running the task, use the following user account:". 

Open Sage 300 and log into a company. Go to the Menu Bar on Sage 300 and click on Help -> Current Users (IAP for older versions of Sage 300) -> IAP Tab and unclick the check box that says, "This workstation uses Integration Access Pack licenses for external applications." Exit Sage 300. The Process Schedule Schedule should now run without issue.

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