Receipts and Receipt Adjustments

Problem Details:

When looking at an item's transactions through IC Statistics & Inquiries / Transaction History Inquiry, a PO Receipt shows two costs, and then there is a Receipt Adjustment transaction. 



When a Receipt is posted, the cost of the item is recorded, plus any additional costs that are pro-rated (added) to the cost of the item, are seen on a separate line in the Transaction History Inquiry Details screen.

The cost of the item is seen on the second line of this screen shot, as there is a Quantity and Unit value assigned.  The first line shows an additional cost charge that has been pro-rated to the item.  Note there is no Quantity or Unit value for that cost.  The user is also able to drill down to the original receipt, by clicking on the Document Number field, and verify the values. 

The Receipt Adjustment cost comes from the PO Invoice.  When a PO Invoice is entered, the cost on the invoice may be different from the cost specified on the receipt.  The difference between what was recorded on the receipt and the actual cost recorded on the vendor invoice, is the Receipt Adjustment.  For example, if a receipt additional cost for freight was estimated at 52.53 and posted, then the invoice was received and the actual freight bill was 56.28, then a receipt adjustment of 3.75 would be posted as another cost against the item.

A Receipt Adjustment may also be seen if the original receipt values are changed and the receipt re-posted. 



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