Scheduling Recurring Entries for 13 period fiscal year

Problem Details:

Fiscal calendar contains 13 periods. Need to create a schedule for recurring entries to run at the end of each 4 week period.



Schedules are used for recurring transactions that are processed in General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.   Schedule setup is found under Common Services / Scheduling / Schedules. The Recurring Periods used in setting up schedules are for calendar increments such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.  This provides a challenge for setting up recurring entries to happen at each period end for a 13 period fiscal calendar.  

First, the user will need to create a weekly schedule to run every 4 weeks on a specific weekday.  Next, the start date for the recurring entry must be set to just prior to the first weekday when the schedule should be run.  Then it will run at period end and every 4 weeks, (every period end), after that. 

For example, if period end is Thursday, June 18, a schedule should be created to run every four weeks on Thursday.  The recurring entry needs to be setup to have a start date of Monday, June 15, (or any day within 7 days of the specific weekday of the schedule) and be assigned to the 4-week schedule.  This will allow the entry to be created on the Thursday immediately following the Monday, which is the period end, and will run every four weeks after that.  However, if the recurring entry start date is further than 1 week away from the period end, the schedule will not run at period end, since the schedule will take effect at the next specified weekday of the schedule. 

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