Creating and Maintaining Budgets

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How to Create and Maintain Budgets


To manually create Budgets:

1. Go to General Ledger from the navigation bar
2. Click Budgets
3. Click on 'add' to create a new budget ID                                                          4. Once the new Budget ID is saved, click on Add again to enter account details and amounts for the budget.                                                                                  5. To edit details for an existing Budget, go to General Ledger, click on Budgets, and then click on 'Budget amounts' next to the Budget ID.

To Import Budgets through a CSV:

1. Go to Company from the navigation bar
2. Click Open Setup
3. Select Company Setup Checklist                                                                      4. Budget Import is found under the 'Setup Up General Ledger Transactions' Section.  Budgets are one of the items where the user can import new records, or update existing records.

Note:  Budget Id must be created prior to importing

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