Changing Column Titles on a Financial Report

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How to edit or change column titles on a financial report



The Financial Report wizard proposes default column titles that can be customized by following these steps:

  1. Go to General Ledger from the top navigational bar.
  2. Click Financial Reports.
  3. Click 'Edit' next to the report to be changed.
  4. Click Columns.
  5. Look for the 'Column header' section.  There are three fields available to be edited.  The contents of these fields control the text that is printed as the top column headings in the report.
  • Column heading 1 (the default value for this field is 'Period name')
  • Column heading 2 (the default value for this field is 'Period date')
  • Column title (this is a text field which holds 20 characters)

Options from the drop down menu for these fields are:

  • No title - Enter this tag for the column header to be blank
  • Period name - displays the column header 'Month Ending' (or 'Year Ending')
  • Period date - displays the last date of the month, in MM/DD/YYYY format (for example, '12/31/2014').
  • Period date in words - displays the last date of the month with the month spelled out (for example, 'December 31, 2014')
  • Start of date range - displays the start of a date range, such as '12/01/2014 through'.  When this option is selected for Column heading 1, Column heading 2 will default to Current Date.
  • Current date - displays the current date (this is useful for current month to date reports).
  • Custom header - allows the user to define their own heading
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