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What is resource scheduling?



Resource scheduling is an intelligent way to staff your projects by selecting resources based on their skills, availability, and other criteria.

Using resource scheduling, you can:

  • Search for employees who possess the right skills, or narrow the search to employees that are fully or partially available during the requested timeframe, employees at a particular location, and so on.
  • Assign a resource to a task and specify their time commitment.
  • Let employees enter their own Out of Office periods and keep track of their schedule.
  • Review the assigned tasks, holidays, and Out Of Office events of other employees.

Turn on Resource Scheduling for the Projects by going to Projects > Configure Projects > under the Resources section, 'Enable Resource Scheduling'. When resource scheduling has been enabled, the following changes will be seen:

  • New "Resource Scheduling" section on your Projects menu: There are four new menu items listed: Positions and Skills, Out of Office,  Resource Search, and My Schedule. 
  • New "Position/Skill/Certification" section on the Employee screen: (in Time & Expenses > Employees, on the Employee Information tab)  Select any number of skills or certifications that were previously added to the Positions and Skills list. By defining the skills of your employees, resource searches can be done for employees that possess the right mix of qualifications.
  • New "Resource Search" button in the Projects screen: (on the Resources & Pricing tab)  For a particular project, a search for resources based on skills and availability can be done, and employees found in that search can easily be added as resources to the project.
  • New "Resource Scheduling" tab for tasks: (under Projects > Tasks)  For individual tasks, resources can be assigned and booked on the task by defining their time commitments.

Note: In addition to turning on Resource Scheduling, ensure project managers and employees have permissions to resource scheduling features in the Projects application.



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