Managing Resource Schedules


Go to Projects / Manage Resource Schedules.  The Manage Resource Schedules screen provides an at-a-glance view of time commitments across multiple resources for a 31-day period. By default, this screen displays scheduling information for the user and any direct employees, but the view can be changed to show indirect reports or resources assigned to particular projects.

For each day, visual icons show who is:

  • Fully booked, overbooked, or partially booked
  • Over budget on hours
  • Out-of-office or on company holiday

Options on the screen allow:

  • Changing the date range to a different 31-day period.
  • Filtering to show just the resources you're interested in, such as only overbooked resources or resources for a particular project, department, or manager.
  • For a particular employee, clicking the icon for a specific date to drill down to see assigned tasks, along with budgeted and actual hours.
  • Emailing selected resources, with the option to send a copy to yourself or the appropriate managers.

To start using the Manage Resource Schedules screen:

  1. Make sure that resource scheduling has already been turned on in the Projects application. (see Resource Scheduling Overview for more information)
  2. Give users permission to the Manage Resource Schedules screen in the Projects application.
  3. Go to the Projects menu and click Manage Resource Schedules.


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