Automatic Tax Calculations in AR Invoices

Problem Details:

Setting the taxes on an AR invoice to calculate or not calculate automatically.



In many cases, entering an invoice detail amount and having taxes calculate automatically is a time-saving feature.  However, in some cases, the user prefers to enter the taxes on a detail line, or enter the tax amounts manually. 

In AR Setup / Options on the Transactions tab, there is a checkbox for a feature called 'Calculate Tax Amounts Automatically'.  When that option is turned off, and an AR invoice is entered, the tax amounts on the Taxes tab will not be calculated unless the user goes to that page and manually clicks on the Calculate Taxes button.  If that button is never clicked, taxes are never calculated. However, the user has the option to manually enter tax amounts on the Taxes tab, or leave them at zero.

If the 'Calculate Tax Amounts Automatically' option is turned on, and an AR invoice is entered, the tax amounts on the Taxes tab will be calculated based on the amounts entered on the Documents tab, and the tax classes assigned to the customer and items.  Note that there is a 'Calculate Tax' checkbox on the Taxes tab of the Invoice Entry screen which is turned on with the AR setting.  On each individual invoice, this can be turned off, and then the tax amounts can be overwritten on this tab.

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