How to get Budget amounts on FR statements

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What is the formula for budget amounts on an FR statement?



Click on General Ledger / Financial Reporter / Statement Designer and click Start.  This will launch the financial reporter addin in Excel.  Open the FR spec file.  Place the cursor in the cell where the formula is to go and click on Add-Ins from the top toolbar.  Then click FR and FR Paste.  Select the Function from the left hand column, then choose the Field Name.  The Fiscal Designator is the field which will designate budget amounts.  A is for Actual, P is for Provisional, Q is for Quantity, and the numbers 1 - 5 are for budget sets.  Select the number of the budget that is to be displayed in the report.  As the fields are selected, the formula is built and can be seen under the Functions column. 

Notice that the budget number is inserted in front of the Field Name.  If there is an existing formula on the report, this number can simply be inserted into the formula to call up the budget figures. 

Click Paste to insert the formula into the spec file. 




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