Can Sage track Who did What?

Problem Details:

The user wants to know which user did a specific function in Sage, or changed a record.  Is that possible to track user or data activity?



Sage does not have any audit log to track who posted what or who did what within the database.  There is a field for each record called AUDTUSER, which identifies which user changed the record last.  For example, if user Joe created an item, the AUDTUSER field will be Joe.  Then if Sally updated the weight of the item and the next day Bill entered a new default picking sequence, the AUDTUSER field will read Bill, since he is the user who touched the record last.  There will be no record that Joe setup the original record, or that Sally edited it before Bill did. 

If an audit log of user activity is required, there are a couple of options.  The following products integrate with Sage to monitor and report on user activity and data changes.

  1. View Extender by Orchid Systems: monitors changes made to specified data, allowing you to log and keep track of specified fields.  When data is changed, View Extender provides a choice of running configurable events - record/log changes, send an email, activate a program - or company-specific PYTHON scripts. See View Extender by Orchid for more detailed information.
  2. Audit Logger by Pacific Technology Solutions: includes the ability to capture both before and after information relating to the audited fields as well as a record of the authenticated Windows user name, login domain and IP address from the workstation where the change occurred. See Audit Logger by Pacific for more detailed information.
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