Adding a new Bank to PrintBoss

Problem Details:

Set up a new bank in PrintBoss


In order to add a new bank in PrintBoss, follow these steps:

  1. Log into PrintBoss (Start -> PB32 Program)

  2. Select Edit -> Bank List

  3. Set up PrintBoss Bank information

    • Enter Bank Code as in Sage Banks followed by a colon and the company name (e.g. CCB:Sample Company Ltd.)

    • Optionally enter Bank Prompt (e.g. CCB Sample Ltd.)

    • Enter Bank Information to be printed on cheque (make sure to clear any unused lines

    • Enter Company Information to be printed on the cheque (make sure to clear any unused lines

    • Optionally Enter Next Cheque number

    • For Confirm Cheque # at start of batch select "No. Rely on Chk# from host accounting

    • On MICR tab, enter routing number (institution and transit number) and account number to appear on cheques

    • On Miscellaneous tab, optionally select Canadian date format and check the box if you need a 2nd signature line

    • On Signatures and Logos tab, select logo file and signature files if used

  4. Click OK to save the new Bank information

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