GL Integration - sending the right fields from AP into the GL

Problem Details:

When the AP entries reach the General Ledger, the reference and description fields are blank, or they do not contain the desired information from the AP document.



In Sage 300, it is possible to set specific fields that will be transferred from the AP entry to the GL entry.  This is done in AP Setup / GL Integration on the Transactions tab. 

There appear to be two entries per transaction type - for example, there are different settings for a transaction type of 'Invoice' and 'Invoice Detail'.  The transaction type 'Invoice Detail' refers to the detail lines on the invoice entry screen.  The transaction type 'Invoice' refers to the AP Trade part of the invoice entry, the part of the entry which is not manually entered.  The information for this line in the GL entry is taken from the invoice header.  Likewise, the 'Payment Detail' transaction type refers to the detail lines of the payment, and the 'Payment' transaction type refers to the header of the payment, which will translate into the bank account line in the GL entry. 

Double click on one of the columns for

  • G/L Entry Description
  • G/L Detail Reference
  • G/L Detail Description
  • G/L Detail Comment

to bring up the G/L Integration Detail screen.  Select the field(s) from the left box and click 'Include' to transfer to the right box to send that particular field to the GL. More than one AP field can be selected to populate each GL field, and they can be separated by different segment separators such as a hyphen or forward slash or space.  As changes are made to the fields selected, an example of what it will look like in the GL is displayed in the 'Example' line.

In the screenshot above, when posting an AP Invoice, the Document Number and the Vendor Name will be sent to the GL in the Detail Description.  This information will then be displayed in the GL Transactions Listing Report.

Some of the most useful fields to send to the GL Detail Reference and GL Detail Description fields (and subsequently to the GL Transactions Listing Report) are:

  1. Vendor number
  2. Vendor name
  3. Document number
  4. Check number (for payments)
  5. Remit to (for payments - useful if no vendor code is being used)

These fields enable the user to quickly see valuable information in the GL regarding the transaction's source document without having to look further into a subledger. 

Once these settings are saved, they will affect transactions posted from that point forward only.  They will not change any transactions that have already been posted. 

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