Bank Reconciliation Status Report and Withdrawals Status Report

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What is the difference between the Bank Reconciliation Status Report and the Withdrawals Status Report, when the user is selecting only the outstanding items?  Why are the reports different?



The Withdrawals Status Report lists all outstanding checks and transfers from the specified bank.   It is reflective of the actual status of each transaction, and does not include any temporary status that may be in effect during the reconciliation of a bank account, before posting that reconciliation.  For example, a cheque will be listed as outstanding on this report, even if the cheque has been cleared in the current bank rec, if that bank rec has not yet been posted.  The status from the bank rec is only temporary (as it can be changed) until the reconciliation is posted.  This report references the BKTRANH, BKTRAND, and BKACCT tables.

The Bank Reconciliation Status Report lists the status of all transactions for a bank account for the current reconciliation in progress.  Therefore, if a cheque has a status of outstanding (in our Withdrawals Status Report), it may be cleared on the Bank Reconciliation Status Report if the cheque has been cleared while working on the current bank rec, if the rec has not yet been posted.  This report shows the temporary status of the transactions during the progress of the reconciliation. This report is useful to help determine why a reconciliation may not balance - it is a printed copy of what has been cleared or left outstanding during the bank rec process.  This report references only the BKACCT table.


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