Document Query in Service Manager

Problem Details:

User needs a report which is not available in Service Manager



Service Manager has a query function, called Document Query, that enables the user to build their own queries and reports.  

Go to Service Manager, V/M Documents, Document Query.   The Document Query window has two tabs - Saved Queries and Available Criteria. A query is created in the Available Criteria tab and then saved. The query can then be run at any time from the Saved Queries tab.

On the Available Criteria tab, note there are several different types of criteria:

  • Site
  • Document
  • Document Date
  • Equipment
  • Employee
  • Time Entry

Any of these criteria can be used alone or in combination with others.  Build the query by including the specific field to search on and move it to the right hand pane.  Click on Proceed to run the query and display the results in the pane below.  The results pane is customizable and the columns included there can be changed by clicking on View, Options. Once the query is designed to the user's satisfaction, it can be saved and re-run from the Saved Queries tab. From the results pane, double clicking on any document will open the document in the Document Entry window. Query results can be emailed or printed.  

Document Query is a powerful utility allowing the user to locate documents based on simple or complex criteria.  


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