Account Segment Code Not Defined

Problem Details:

When creating a new GL account number, the following error message appears:

"Account segment code ___ not defined in the segment codes window"



All segment codes in a GL account number, with the exception of the account segment, must be validated against a list of values in the segment codes table.  When adding a new General Ledger account number, the program checks the segment codes table to be sure that the segment code in the new account number is valid. If a segment code is not located in the table, General Ledger does not let you add the account and the above error message is displayed.   

To add new segments, go to GL Setup / Segment Codes.  Select the Segment from the dropdown menu and use the Insert key on the keyboard to insert values for the segment in the detail grid.  A separate closing account for each segment code can be specified.

Once the new segment for the GL account has been added, the GL account can be successfully added as well.



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