How to change a user's printer in PrintBoss

Problem Details:

Users need to print the same forms to different printers



Printboss allows users to print the same forms to different printers. This is essential as users are often not in the same area as each other and neither are the printers! 

Open printboss and click on Edit / Form Files.  Highlight the appropriate file from the list and click 'Editor'.  To find out the correct form name, print the form or report in Sage to preview and look for the blue line of code.   There will be a line that reads "PB#INFO [XXXXX]" where XXXXX is the name of the Printboss form. This is the file to select in the printboss Form Files screen. 

Go to the Multi-parts & Printers tab.  In the column 'Destination Printer/Device' select the printer to send the form to.  For the field 'Printer & Tray Selections Saved In..' ensure the value there reads "<Locally> Each User Must Set his own."  This will enable different users to print the same form to different printers.

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