Adding a new bank in Orchid EFT

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EFT Processing - How to setup a new bank



To set up a new bank in EFT Processing, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to EFT Processing -> EFT Setup -> Banks

    2. Enter bank code for new EFT bank (must be the same code used in Common Services -> Bank Services -> Banks)

    3. Select the appropriate file type for the new bank then fill in account and processing information

      • Financial Institution/Transit #

      • Account Number

      • Account Name (Optional)

      • Output Destination (usually File)

      • File Naming Option

      • EFT File Path

      • EFT File Extensiion (usually EFT)

      • AP Payment or AR Receipt Reference (Optional)

      • File Sequence Number (if relevant)

To be safe, consider making the old bank inactive in EFT after finishing setup for the new bank if the old bank will no longer be used to process EFT.

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