Invalid Input. Fractional Quantities are not Allowed

Problem Details:

When trying to generate physical Inventory Worksheets, the process stops with the following message:

Invalid input.  Fractional quantities are not allowed.  No inventory worksheet was generated.



This message will appear during the generation of an inventory worksheet, if the setting in IC Setup / Options on the Processing tab "Allow Fractional Quantities" is turned OFF, and yet, a fractional quantity exists in the database.  Since the fractional quantity option is turned off, the fractional quantity is unable to be seen through the user interface, however, it exists and can be seen in the data tables.  There are a couple of options for dealing with this issue, after the offending item has been identified:

  • a data repair can be done to remove the fraction from the data tables. 
  • fractional quantities can be turned ON and then the worksheet can be generated successfully.  However, once this option is turned on, it can never be turned off again.  Therefore, a plan to turn it on, remove the fraction, and turn the fractional quantities off again will not work. 
  • a workaround solution is to set this item to a category at the end of the category list (example - create a category ZZZ so it appears last on the list of categories) and run the inventory worksheet by category, not including this last category, eliminating the item from the inventory worksheet.  It may also be helpful to create a new item for the fractioned item, and transfer the balance of qty and cost from the old item to the new.  This will not transfer the fraction, which will remain with the old item and that item will not be able to be used again.  The downside of this workaround is that the history of the item also remains with the old item. 

The only certain and best solution is the data repair option.  Note that with data corruption, it is not always possible to identify the cause of the corruption.

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