Day end processing was not completed due to errors

Problem Details:

Day end processing error message:

"Day end processing was not completed due to errors."



It is most important to identify which document that the day end is failing on.  DEP will show the transaction number on the screen as it progresses, but sometimes it moves too quickly to see it.  We can use RVSPY to assist with this.  RVSPY logs all the program procedures as they happen.  We can see the document number in the spy log after DEP fails, or, because RVSPY slows down DEP considerably due to the logging procedure, we can usually identify the number on the screen when RVSPY is running. Locate the RVSPY utility by clicking on Start / All Programs / Sage / Sage 300 ERP 2014 / Tools / RVSPY.  Click on Options / Output.  You can select 'Window' to show results on the screen and 'File' to save the log to a file.  It is recommended to save the log file for review later in case the issue does not become easily identified.

Once the failing document has been identified, open the document and check all the items on it.  If any of the items on the document no longer exist (have been deleted) the DEP will fail on that transaction.  Re-add the item into IC Items and then re-run Day End. 

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