Budget Amounts on FR Statements

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How to get budget amounts on an FR Statement



Launch the FR Statement Designer and open the spec file.  Click on Add-ins on the top toolbar, and then FR and FR Paste.  This brings up the function that helps build formulas and inserts account numbers and selection criteria. 

To build a formula that brings in Budget YTD figures, select FRAMTA from the Functions box, and then click the down arrow on the Field Name box.  Select the NETYTD(Net Year to Date) option.  In the Fiscal Designator box, click the down arrow and select 1 for budget set 1.  If a different budget set is needed, select the corresponding number for the budget set.  Watch the formula being built as the different values are selected underneath the Functions box.  After these selections are made, the formula reads:  FRAMTA("1NETYTD").  This is the complete formula for the budget 1 year to date values.  Click on Paste to insert the formula onto the spec sheet. 

Note that there are many options for reporting different values for different time frames on the Field Name selection list. Some other options which may be helpful for formula building are:

  • NETP (Net Current Period)
  • NETLP (Net Last Period)
  • NET#P (Net Period #)
  • Net#PA (Net Period # ago)
  • NETQ (Net Current Quarter)
  • NETLQ (Net Last Quarter)
  • NET#QTD (Net Quarter # to Date)
  • and more!
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