Lot Number Expiry Dates

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How to assign expiry dates for Lots in Inventory Control



In IC Items, there is a Lots tab that appears only if the user has a license to use Lot Tracking and the selected item is lotted.  On this tab, the 'Days to Expiry' checkbox needs to be selected in order to use expiry dates with lots.  Once this option is turned on, another field appears where the user can enter the number of days for the default expiry date.  Expiry dates are automatically calculated based on the stock date and this default number of days.

When entering a receipt for a lotted item the lot number expiry field is automatically populated but can be edited.  Note that if the 'Days to Expiry' check box is not selected in IC Items, the Expiry Date field will not show up in the receipt entry lot window.

Lot number expiry dates can also be edited by going to IC Items and Price Lists -> Lot Numbers and changing the date in the Expiry Date field.  Also, note that if the stock date is changed, the expiry date is automatically recalculated.  

View the details of lots, including their expiry dates in the IC Serial/Lot List report. This is found under IC Stock Control Reports.





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