Where can I find the year-end procedures checklist?

There is a document called Sage 300 ERP Year-End Procedures; it list a checklist of tasks to perform for year-end.

The document can be found in Sage 300 ERP by following these steps: 

  1. Login to Sage 300 ERP. 
  2. From the menu bar, click Help. 
  3. Click Documentation. 
  4. This brings you to the ENG folder for the version of Sage that you are using.   
  5. The full path of this location is wherever the Sage program files are located - by default this is c:\program files(x86)\sage\sage accpac\docs\62A\eng or c:\sage\sage accpac\docs\62A\eng.  (where 62A is the version of Sage)
  6. Locate the PDF document with the filename Sage300ERP_Checklist_YearEnd.pdf

There are also many other helpful documents in this folder including period end checklists and user guides for all the modules. 


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