Internal Error reading ICILOC

Problem Details:

When posting a PO document, the following error appears:

Internal Error reading ICILOC



This error indicates that an inventory item is missing the location detail record. Check all the items on the document being entered.  Ensure that they are all available at the location specified in the document. (Check this in IC Items and Price Lists / Location Details). Add the missing location record for the item.  Also check all the documents that are linked to the one being posted - for example, if a PO invoice is getting the error, check the invoice, but also the PO receipt and the original PO for all the items on those documents as well.  Even if the item without a location is not referenced on the invoice, if it is referenced on a linked receipt or purchase order, the invoice posting will fail. 

Once the location detail record has been restored, re-post the document.


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