FAQ - Common Year–End Questions - Payroll


FAQ - Common Year-End Questions - Payroll

Where can I obtain T4 forms?
Order T4 forms from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Which T4 formats can I use?
The Payroll program prints T4s in:

  • Laser format - prints the T4 data only (you must load preprinted T4 forms in the printer).
  • Plain paper format - prints both the T4 data and the T4 form (load blank paper in the printer).
  • Both of these formats print the CRA copy, the Employee copy and the Employer copy.  You need to print each of these copies separately.

Is there a limit to the number of times the T4s can be printed?
No - You can print and reprint the T4 slips as many times as you need to.

When do I close the year?
There is no process for closing the payroll year.  You can continue processing payrolls as usual, with period-end dates and cheques dates in the new year even before completing the T4s and any adjustments for the previous year. 

After you have completed all of the previous year’s processing, and made backup copies of the data, you can run Delete Inactive Records to remove terminated employees and other obsolete information from your data.

Can I produce T4s for last year after processing payrolls for Jan 1?
Yes. The Payroll program allows you to start processing payrolls for a new year and later produce T4s for the previous year. When you produce T4s, select the appropriate year as the Payment Year.


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