How to adjust an accrual's remaining balance


Problem Description: 

How to adjust an accrual's remaining balance for an employee? 


  1. Go to Payroll Employees.
  2. Double click on Transaction History.
  3. Enter the employee number.
  4. Enter the date for the entry to be effective.
  5. Select the Accrual code to adjust.
  6. Select the Type:
    • Accrual to increase.
    • Payment to decrease.
  7. Enter the hours or dollar amounts to be adjusted in the Hours column and the Employee Extended Amount column respectively. Note:  depending on the Employee Calc. Method specified in the Earnings and Deductions Code Setup, some of these fields may not be open to modification. 
  8. Click Add to save the entry

Check your current balance in the accrual report (Payroll Transaction Reports / Accruals) to confirm the change is reflected on the report.

The entry done in the Transaction History screen does not affect the General Ledger.  It only updates the YTD figures in the payroll module.  If a GL entry to update the accrued liability account or the wage expense account is required, that entry must be entered and posted in the GL. 

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