Error: "Fiscal Period is locked" occurs when calculating Payroll



The following error may occur when calculating payroll:
"Fiscal Period is locked."


Either the Pay Period End Date or the  Check Date (or both) entered in the Calculate payroll window does not exist, or is in a period which is locked in the Fiscal Calendar.  This most commonly occurs at year end when the pay period may be in the old year, but the cheques are being issued in the new year, but the new year is not yet created, or has not yet been unlocked for processing.

Go to Common Services / Fiscal Calendar.  If the year has not yet been created, add it.  (Click on the New button, verify the dates in each period and click Add).  Ensure the period you are trying to post to is unlocked.  If the year is already there, unlock the period you are posting the payroll into. Save and calculate the payroll again.

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