Selection Lists in Payroll

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Need a method of grouping employees for different payroll runs



The Employee Selection Lists allows the user to create groups of employees, which can be used to select certain employees for different functions.  Selecting a range of employees is functional when the employees are in sequential order.  However, in a selection list, the employees do not need to be sequential - selection lists enable grouping of various employees.  Go to Canadian Payroll / Payroll Employees / Employee Selection.  Enter a code to identify the selection list, provide a description for the grouping and add the designated employees into the group.  Any number of selection lists can be created, and an employee may belong to more than one list. 

When using selection lists, only the employees on the lists will be accessed.  Some examples of where selection lists can be used:

  • during Calculate Payroll, when only certain employees need to be paid in a specific run. 
  • Printing Workers' Compensation report for only a selected group of employees.  Different employees with different jobs may have different WCB rates.
  • Updating TD1 values
  • Adding Earning & Deduction codes to a range of employees



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