Check Creation in Progress

Problem Details:

In AP Payment Batch List, or in AR Refund Batch List, batch has a status of 'Check Creation in Progress'



This status can happen in AP Payments and AR Refunds - where checks are being printed from Sage.  When a batch has this status, a restart record is created and the user will get a notification that 'earlier processing was not completed' when logging into Sage.  This status is caused by a check printing process that was not successfully completed and the following are two examples:

  • the check printing process was interrupted by a power outage, or network interruption between workstation and server
  • the check was not successfully printed so the user answered 'no' when asked if the check printed successfully, but then neglected to void the check run.

To complete the check creation (printing) and the subsequent posting of the batch, click on the Print/Post button from the batch list screen.  This will bring up the Print Checks window.  Set the Check Status to 'not printed' and reprint the check. When it prints successfully, answer 'yes' and the batch will post and the status of the batch will be changed to 'Posted'.  If the check does not print successfully, or the user no longer wants to print the check, set the Check Status to 'not printed' and close the Print Checks window.   Answer 'yes' when asked if you want to cancel the check run (voiding all the checks).   The batch status will then change to 'open' and the user can edit or delete any entries.

Once the batch is posted, or the status changed to open, the restart record will be removed automatically.

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