Adding Tax Groups

To add a new tax group:

  1. Open Common Services > Tax Services > Tax Groups.
  2. Enter a code to add a new tax group
  3. Select the transaction type.
    • If you select Sales, the sales tax table is displayed.
    • If you select Purchases, the purchases tax table is displayed.
  4. Choose a tax reporting currency (if this is a multicurrency database).
  5. Choose a tax reporting rate type (if this is a multicurrency database).
  6. Choose a tax calculation method.
  7. In the grid, use the Finder to select an authority, and then:
    1. If the authority is taxable (by other taxes), double-click the Taxable field to change the entry to Yes.
    2. If the authority uses a surtax, double-click the Surtax field to change the entry to Yes .
    3. Use the Finder for the Surtax On Authority field to select the surtax authority.
  8. Click Add to save the new tax group
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