Adjusting the MICR line in Print Boss

Problem Details:

The MICR line on a cheque needs to be in a certain location or it will be rejected by the banks.  Using different printers can throw this off, so each user may need to move the MICR line slightly to line up for their individual printers.



In PrintBoss, go to Options / Configuration and look at the Settings tab.  In the top left corner, there is a section called MICR Offset Adjustment.  The default for both of the adjustment fields (Left/Right, Top/Bottom) are zero.  Use a postive number to move the MICR line to the right or down, and use a negative number to move the line to the left or up.  These values are measured in 1000th of an inch, so small numbers such as 1 or 2 will not be able to be seen on a printout.  It is recommended to start by changing the number in increments of 50, and then when the line is visually moving, fine-tune the offset amount.

MICR adjustment settings are saved locally on the workstation for the logged in user.  Each workstation / user can make necessary adjustments for their printouts without impacting other workstations or users.

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