Prevent printing of order confirmation when order is On Hold

Problem Details:

Order Confirmations are being printed for On Hold orders, so they get shipped, but are unable to be invoiced.  Need to stop the printing so we can stop the shipments for orders on hold.



There is an option in the Order Confirmation print screen to select or unselect 'Print Orders On Hold'.  Make sure this option is turned off for the specific user that is to be restricted from printing on hold orders.  If the setting is on, and the field is then hidden, it forces the 'on hold' orders to always be printed.  Then create a UI Profile that removes this option from the screen.  Assign this profile to the users who should not be printing On Hold orders.  They will not be able to see this option, and therefore, not be able to turn it on. For more information on creating UI Profiles, click here: UI Profiles



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