Errors in Data Integrity Report

Problem Details:

Data Integrity error message:
E: Cannot obtain access to {module} data because another task has locked the database.

Wait for the task to complete, then retry the operation.

E: Internal error. viewFetch failed


This error is common when someone is updating data in the system when the Data Integrity report is trying to run. A cheque run or posting a batch are examples of a process that would lock a module.

Try running a Data Integrity report manually for the indicated module preferably at a time when it is known that people are not processing in the system. If the Data Integrity check completes successfully and with no errors there is no problem. If the Data Integrity is scheduled to run at a certain time, try to make sure it is not a time people will be running processes in the system. Overnight is a good option, as long as it does not interfere with any scheduled backups.

If the Data Integrity check completes with errors, or if the problem persists, contact your System Administrator or BAASS BC / Plus Computer Solutions Tech Support immediately for assistance.

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