Post a refund cheque against an existing Vendor credit

Problem Details:

Received a refund cheque from an AP Vendor.  Would like to post it against an existing credit from that vendor. What is the best way to post it?



In Accounts Payable -> A/P Transactions -> Invoice Entry, select the Vendor, and then select Debit Note in the Document type. Apply it to the previously posted Credit Note by entering or selecting using the Finder the Credit Note number in the Apply To Document field. The refund amount should be posted to a GL Account (preferably a clearing account).

Next in Accounts Receivable -> A/R Transactions -> Receipt Entry enter a Miscellaneous Receipt to the same account as the above AP Debit Note. This contra entry ensures there is not net change in the General Ledger for that account and makes the funds show up in the bank module for reconciliation. The result is the application of the Debit Note to the Vendor and the deposit recorded in Accounts Receivable and Bank.

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