OE Invoices not showing in AR Customer Inquiry

Problem Details:

OE invoices are not showing in the AR customer accounts.


Check OE Setup / GL Integration and look at the Integration tab.  Verify if the 'Create GL Transactions' option is set to 'During Day End Processing' or 'On Request using Create Batch Icon'

If the setting is 'During Day End Processing', check the AR Invoice batch to see if the batch is there.  It may have a status of Open or Post in Progress.  Post the batch. 

Ensure that the day end has completed successfully.  Start Day End Processing and watch it run. If you receive a message saying 'Day End Processing could not process all transactions', you will need to find out which transaction DEP stopped on and fix that issue to allow all transactions after the error to be day ended and transferred to the respective modules.

If the setting for GL Integration is 'On Request using Create Batch Icon' go to OE Periodic Processing / Create Batch.  Run this process and then post the created batches in AR & GL.

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