New workstation Installation of Sage300 is asking for Activation Codes

Problem Details:

Doing a workstation installation of Sage 300 and am being asked for Activation Codes.



This indicates that the installation was done to the wrong shared data folder.  You can find your shared data location by going to a functioning workstation and opening Sage.  Click on Help / System Information and check the Shared Data location from this screen.  When doing your workstation installation, this is the path that should be entered when the wizard asks for the location of the Data. If you have already completed the installation using a 30-day trial, you can change the location of the shared data by editing the registry.  In the registry, go to HKLM/SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ACCPAC International, Inc.\ACCPAC\Configuration and change the SharedData key to the correct shared data location.


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