Printboss forms are not printing or emailing

Problem Details:

Printing AR statements to the print boss printer, the print boss program opens, but no print job comes out on the printer, and no emails are received by clients.


Check which print boss form the AR statement is using.  Print the statement to preview and look at the blue line of code.  You will see a line that reads "PB#INFO [XXXXX]" where XXXXX is the name of the Printboss form.

Open Printboss and click on -> Edit -> Form files.  Highlight the print boss form from the AR Statement and press the Editor button. Go to the Multi-parts & Printers tab.  Check the form setting called 'Print Time'.  If it is set to 'Batch', then print boss receives the print job, but will not send it out until the user prints the batch from the workfile.  

To print a batch, open print boss and click on File / Open Document Workfiles.  Select the form and click on Print.  Enter the range of documents to be printed and then click Print Start. 

If batch printing is not desired, change the Print Time setting in Multi-parts & Printers to 'Immediate'.  This will allow the print job to be processed immediately upon printing from Sage 300.  Note that this setting is global and will be effective for all users printing that form. 


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