Error Batches in the GL

Problem Details:

Error batches show up in the GL when posting batches in sub-ledgers
This will happen when the new year has been created in the fiscal calendar (allowing processing in the subledgers) but the GL remains in the old year, and the sub-ledger batches are set to post automatically in the General Ledger.  To confirm the reason for the errors, go to GL Reports / Posting Journals.  Select the Posting Journal Errors option and print the report.  The error 'You cannot post to a future year" indicates the problem above. 
If you are ready to move your GL into the new year, take the following steps:
Make certain the database has been backed up.  Here is some good backing up advice: Backing up Sage 300 Data.  Then select General Ledger -> G/L Periodic Processing -> Create New Year. Verify the information provided and then click Process to create the new year. After this process is complete, you will be able to post the existing error batches in the GL and no more will be created.
If you are not ready to move your GL into the new year, you can reduce the number of error batches in the batch listing by turning off the auto-post function.  Go to the sub-ledger, Setup / GL Integration. Change the setting 'Create G/L Transactions By' from Creating and Posting a New Batch, to Creating a New Batch or Adding to an Existing Batch.  This will send the sub-ledger entries to the GL, but will not post them.  You can also set the option for 'Create G/L Transactions' from During Posting to On Request Using Create G/L Batch Icon.  This stops the sub-ledger from sending entries to the GL until you ask for them.  Remember to revert these settings back again after you have created the new year in GL. 
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