AR & AP Year End - Clearing Activity Statistics

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What is the process for AR & AP Year End?



Under AR or AP Periodic Processing / Year End - you have the following options:

  • Reset All Batch Numbers
  • Clear Activity Statistics
  • Clear Recurring Charge Year to Date Statistics
  • Clear Invoices Paid and Days to Pay Counter (this option only becomes available when the Clear Activity Statistics function is selected)

We recommend the only function that you select is to Clear Activity Statistics.  Resetting All Batch Numbers will start your batch numbering again from zero, but you will lose functionality and the ability to drilldown to your old transactions.  Clearing Recurring Charge statistics and Invoices Paid will remove valuable information and history from your customer records. 

The Clear Activity Statistics function is working with the statistics in the Customer record on the Activity tab.  This procedure will remove (clear) last year's data and move this year's data into last year, resetting 'this year' to start again. Note that these statistics are not date sensitive and are not placed into 'this year' or 'last year' buckets based on date.  They are moved only during this procedure.  Therefore, if your year end is April 30, and you enter an invoice on May 3, and then Clear Activity Statistics on May 4 - the May 3 invoice will be counted as 'last year'.  Therefore, it is important to do this procedure at the same time consistently each year, for the most accurate comparison purposes.

Before you can Clear Activity Statistics, you need to post or delete all open batches.  Then you must print all posting journals.  Since we are not clearing any of this data, the printing can be to screen only or to pdf file.  Ensure all batches are transferred to the GL.  Now you can proceed with the Clear Activity Statistics function.  It is recommended to do a backup before this process.  All users must be out of the AR module (or any module that integrates with AR). 

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