Finder searches do not return all appropriate results

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Finder searches do not return all appropriate results



When searching in a finder field, some searches (e.g. Customer Name Contains 'smith' in a Customer Finder) show fewer than expected results (e.g. no records although several customers named 'Smith' are in the database).

This is often caused by the choice of SQL database Collation methods that are case sensitive.

In the Sage runtime folder (e.g. C:\Sage\Sage300\runtime) edit the file a4w.ini. In the A4WSQLS section, add the line ForceCaseInsensitive=Yes

This will make all Finders case insensitive.

NOTE: it is recommended that the following process should be done by a System Administrator or Certified Consultant

To check the database collation method, log into the SQL Server and looked at the two container databases. Right click and select Properties, the select Options.

If the version of Sage is 2012 or later and the collation method is NOT Latin1_General_BIN please contact your Certified Consultant to arrange a change of collation method. Failure to use the appropriate collation method can result in data integrity issues and may require a data repair.

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