Change the length of GL segment

Problem Details:

GL segment length has been set at a specific value in GL Options, on the Segments tab.  Need to increase the length of a GL segment to allow for more or different values. 



Use the GL Account Code Change utility for this function.  Under General Ledger, click on Account Code Change and select the icon for Account Code Change.  Click on the button for GL Segment Change:

Select the segment that you want to modify and identify the new length of the segment.  You have the option to increase or decrease the length.  If you opt to increase the length, select the option to pad values to the left or right of the existing value, and what value you want to use (default is 0).  If you opt ot reduce the length, select the option to truncate the existing segment value from the right or the left.  As soon as you click on 'OK', the program will populate the change list with the new account numbers and ask if you would like to continue.  If you are not ready to post the changes at this time, say 'no'.  When you close the Account Code Change screen, you have the option to save the change list for posting later, or not saving it and clearing the list.  Ensure that you have a backup prior to posting these changes. 

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