Bank Entries - which fields are sent to the GL?

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When the bank module sends bank entries to the GL, how can the user determine or set which fields get transferred to the GL Reference and GL description fields?


This is done in Bank Services / Bank Setup / GL Integration - on the Transactions Tab. 

Note that when entering a Bank Entry, the user will only enter the detail lines for the debit or credit (deposit or withdrawal) accounts.  The bank account is not specified in the detail lines, but it is understood to be the other half of the entry. 

In GL Integration, the Transaction Type 'Bank Entry' refers to the detail line (in the GL) for the bank account itself.  Whatever settings are entered here will reflect what appears in the GL Reference and GL Description fields for the bank account detail line.  This information is pulled from the header of the bank entry, not the detail lines, as there may be multiple detail lines, but only one line for the bank account. 

The 'Bank Entry Detail' line settings determines which fields go into the GL Reference and GL Description columns for each of the detail lines of the bank entry. 

Changing these settings will only take effect on the entries going forward.  It will not change any entries that have previously been posted.  It is recommended to make the change, and then test an entry to ensure the desired fields are being sent. 


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