Customizing List Views to Add or Remove Columns

Problem Details:

The user wants to add or remove columns on the list view so these fields can be used to sort or filter the list



You can modify the list views to add or remove columns. Go to the list you wnat to edit and clicking on Manage Views.


From here you can save the current view or create a new one. If you create a new one, you are taken step by step through the process where you can

  • select the columns or fields to use in your view
  • change the order of the columns as seen on your screen
  • set filters on a column or columns
  • specify a sort order for each column (ascending / descending)
  • save and deploy your view with a name and description

 Once your view is deployed and saved, you can access it by clicking the down arrow here, and selecting which view you want to load on your screen.


Once the view is created and loaded on your screen, you can apply further filtering criteria as per usual.


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