Items in Location Details missing Picking Sequence

Problem Details:

In Location Details, some items do not have a picking sequence assigned.  Need a list of these items missing picking sequences so we can fill them in.



When an item is originally created, and a default picking sequence is assigned to the item, this picking sequence is populated in the location details picking sequence field when the location is added for the item.  However, if the item record is updated at a later time, and the picking sequence is changed, this value will not flow into the location details picking sequence field.  This means that if an item is created and no default picking sequence is assigned, then locations added to the item, and then the picking sequence is updated in the item record, the location details picking sequence field will still remain blank.  This field can be updated manually, per item, or by an import. 

Go to Inventory Control -> I/C Items and Price Lists -> Location details. In that windows click on File -> Export. Export location details. It is not an easy task to set criteria as 'blank' on a field. Therefore, export all location details and filter for the blank values in Excel. 

After exporting the data, open the file in Excel.  Make sure your curser is on the top row and click on Data / Filter.  Go to the Picking Sequence column, named PICKINGSEQ, and click the down arrow to show the list of selections.  Click on 'select all' to turn everything on and then turn off the the value (Blanks) which will be the last option on the filter list. Delete all the rows for items with picking sequence values, and then click on Filter again, to turn the filter off.  This will leave a spreadsheet showing only items in a location did not have a value in the picking sequence field.  Now enter the picking sequences for the items, save the file and import into Location Details.

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