Restructuring Chart of Accounts

Problem Details:

Wanting to restructure chart of accounts.  Will need to change some existing account numbers and add some new accounts



The GL Account Code Change function is best used for this process.  This is found in General Ledger / Account Code Change.  If you do not see this option, you may need to activate that module first.  Go to Administrative Services / Data Activation and select GL Account Code Change and Proceed.  You need to be the ADMIN user to perform this function, and nobody else can be in the program. 

Best practice is to create your desired chart of accounts in Excel first, and then plan the mapping of your existing accounts to the new accounts.  Enter or import the changes into GL Account Code Change. See Setting up an Import file for Account Code Change for the import format.

Use the Change function to take an existing account and change it into a new account.  The new account should not yet exist, this process will create it and will then delete the old account. 

Use the Combine function to take an existing account and combine it into another existing account.  The original account will be deleted. 

Once you have setup all the changes required in the change list, ensure you are the only user in the program, backup your data, and then post the changes.  This process will go through all of the modules, and will change the GL account codes referenced in any module setting to the new or combined accounts.   If the change process is interrupted, or does not complete successfully, you will have some old accounts and some new accounts, causing data corruption and you will need to restore from backup. 

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