Post in Progress Status

Problem Details:

In the Batch List, status of batch is 'post in progress'.  This could be for any AP, AR, or GL batch. 



This status indicates that the batch started to post, but was interrupted and the posting process was not completed.  This may be due to a network interruption, or power outage or surge, or any number of variables, causing the process to terminate.  In most cases, highlighting the 'post in progress' batch, and then clicking on the Post button will restart the posting to pickup where it left off and complete successfully. 

If the posting does not complete successfully, there is likely data corruption in the database and then the options are:  1) restore the database to a time before the batch was posted, (see Restore using DBDump) or 2) repair the corrupted data.  It is recommended to contact a support technician to assist with any repair. 


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